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A movie cannot be completed without having hands dipped into butter flavored spicy popcorns and a cold drink to go with it. Popcorns have always been associated with movies and theatres. But times have changed. Popcorns have become an integral part of cafes, diner kitchens and at times some bars too. Not because of the easy to make popcorn packs being available, but because of the reasonably priced popcorn machines. The popcorn machine carts are super easy to handle and take up much less space. They are not just a way to make them, but also serve as a treat for the eyes. Sight being an important aspect of taste when paired with the odor of freshly made popcorns can entice the appetite of anyone. To surge the spending of customers at your cafeteria get your hands on these magic machines. If you want to extend your menu or are opening up a theatre, or just want a fancy popcorn cart at your food chain, visit Here we have a whole section of Popcorn Machines that you can go through. connects suppliers and producers to buyers and purchasers throughout the entire UAE. By providing filters, saves your prestigious time and makes the shopping experience worthwhile. Accurate and precise product descriptions along with recommendations from experts at will help you make an informed choice. When investing in a bulk of machines, the budget is something that cannot be overlooked. Being considerate of that, offers you a variety of dealers to choose from according to your set quotations. A lot of kitchen owners and cooking businesses use the services of to find themselves the right appliance at the right price. To join this growing circle of users, just register at and let it do the work for you.

Popcorn Machine Berjaya

Popcorn Machine Berjaya Category: Popcorn Machine Brand: Berjaya Model No: BSP-PC80Z Made In: Malaysia Specifications / Features: Popcorn Machine Berjaya Capacity:- 80 z Dim: 560 […]

Corn Steamer Malaysia

Corn Steamer Malaysia Category: Popcorn Machine Brand: Berjaya Model No: ECS 46SSC Made In: Malaysia Specifications / Features: Corn Steamer Malaysia  • Stainless Steel Cover […]

a931 - Corn Steamer

Corn Steamer Category: Popcorn Machine Brand: Berjaya Model No: ECS 63SSC Made In: Malaysia Specifications / Features: Corn Steamer  • 230V / 50Hz / 1 […]

Popcorn Machine

Popcorn Machine Category: Preparation Equipment Made In: US,Europe,Malaysia & China Specifications / Features: Popcorn Machine Power 220 V / 50 Hz Made in US,Europe,Malaysia & […]

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