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Kitchen Accessories

Plastic Bag Sealing Machine

Plastic Bag Sealing Machine Category: Kitchenware Brand: Sealing Machine Model No: PSF-650 Made In: Sealing Machine Specifications / Features: Plastic Bag Sealing Machine This series […]

Polyethelne Chopping Block

Polyethelne Chopping Block Category: Kitchenware Brand: Euroceppi Model No: CPTA505090 Made In: Euroceppi Specifications / Features: Polyethelne Chopping Block Are produced by polyethylene for food […]

Floor Standing Vac Packers

Floor Standing Vac Packers Category: Kitchenware Brand: Lavezzini Model No: LAPACK SERIES 450 Made In: Lavezzini Specifications / Features: Floor Standing Vac Packers Professional packaging […]

Vacuum Pack Machine

Vacuum Pack Machine Category: Kitchenware Brand: Lavezzini Model No: ELIX Made In: Lavezzini Specifications / Features: Vacuum Pack Machine Specially designed is perfect is generally […]

Two Dials Platform Scale

Two Dials Platform Scale Category: Kitchenware Brand: Platform Scale Model No: FD50-150 Made In: Platform Scale Specifications / Features: Two Dials Platform Scale Temperature Compensated […]

Electronic Price Computing Platform Scale With Red Led Display

Electronic Price Computing Platform Scale With Red Led Display Category: Kitchenware Brand: Computing Platform Model No: TCS-60-JE21 Made In: Computing Platform Specifications / Features: Electronic […]

Water Boiler Backerson

Water Boiler Backerson Category: Kitchenware Brand: Backerson Model No: Backerson Made In: Backerson Specifications / Features: Water Boiler Backerson Used for boiling water and maintaining it […]

Vacuum Packer

Vacuum Packer Category: Kitchenware Brand: Omega Model No: PACK 10 B Made In: Omega Specifications / Features: Vacuum Packer Ideal for butchers shops, farm shops, […]


Thermosealers Category: Kitchenware Brand: Lavezzini Model No: LX 420 Made In: Lavezzini Specifications / Features: Thermosealers To be used with bags made of different materials (polyethylene, nylon, […]

Knife Sterilizer Empero

Knife Sterilizer Empero Category: Kitchenware Brand: Empero Model No: EMP.BST.001 Made In: Empero Specifications / Features: Knife Sterilizer Empero Commercial Knife Sterilization Cabinet. Holds 10 […]

Kebab Slicer

Kebab Slicer Category: Kitchenware Brand: Kebab Slicer Model No: EK-02 Made In: Kebab Slicer Specifications / Features: Kebab Slicer Electric slicer by charge. Use for […]

High density Cutting Board

High density Cutting Board Category: Kitchenware Brand: Cutting Board Model No: Cutting Board Made In: Cutting Board Specifications / Features: High density Cutting Board Solid […]

Chafing Dish

Chafing Dish Category: kitchenware Brand: Chafing Dish Model No: Chafing Dish Made In: Chafing Dish Specifications / Features: Chafing Dish perfect way to serve hot […]

360 Degree Rotary Peeler Cutter 6

Multi functional 360 Degree Rotary Peeler Cutter Vegetable Fruit Melon Planer Grater Cooking Tool Kitchen Gadget Utensil Accessories with 3 Blades Order Now This is […]

Heat Sealing Machine

Heat Sealing Machine Impulse Sealer Seal Packing Poly Element Plastic Bag Contact Number: 00971501755892 Introductions: This Plastic Heat Sealer is the machine of mechanical seal packing […]

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